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It's almost time for fishing in Iceland

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

First of all I want to tell you about a great fishing app called Angling iQ. Get the app for iOS or Android devices and follow my profile there @stjaniben.

With just over 2 weeks before the fishing season in Iceland starts I am getting excited and ready to go fishing. I think when I finally get to go I'll be like these cows in this video:

The fishing season in Iceland starts on April 1. and that is when a few rivers open for sea trout fishing. The laws on fishing state that anglers are allowed to fish for sea run trout from April 1. each year and so it marks the start of the fishing season in Iceland even though you are technically allowed to fish all year. 

sea trout fishing on Huseyjarkvisl

If you've followed me on here, Instagram or Angling iQ you probably already know I absolutely love sea trout fishing. Being a one man show I have to do as much guiding as I can in a season and that leaves very little time for me to go fishing myself. Except very early in the spring. In the freezing cold of northern Iceland in April. 

I've had some of my absolute best fishing trips on the Huseyjarkvisl River chasing sea trout in April. I love it. Last year my buddy landed a 101 cm sea trout during our trip. Who knows what will happen this year. That is the absolute beauty of it, you never know what will happen. I've lost so many monsters there and pulled in some hawgs over the years I just cannot wait to get there and get my flies wet. 

big seatrout iceland

Recently I've been replying to loads of inquiries about day trips and I am sad to say that I unfortunately cannot do any day trips this year. My guiding schedule is jam packed the whole season and with my job at Angling iQ I simply do not have the time to plan and execute day trips this year. For those of you interested in salmon fishing I still have some absolutely great packages for salmon fishing available. 

Drop me a line to inquire about those - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Salmon fishing available

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

fishing langa 2The 2015 salmon fishing season in Iceland was fantastic. So good in fact that most of the good salmon fishing is now booked solid. We still have a few spots remaining for the 2016 salmon season in Iceland and some are perfect for solo travelling anglers or for two to share rods. 

First up is a single rod for 6 days on the River Langa. Weekly average is about 10 fish per rod and at that time of year you can count on fresh, silver fish, mostly MSW's. For further information please follow this link: 

Secondly I have a single rod on the River Langa, this time three days prime time. July 24. - 27. That week is averaging about 4 salmon per rod/day so it's a lot of fun with single handed rods, floating lines and small flies. Please follow this link for further information: 

iceland fishing 1The Langa River had a great year in 2015 with 2.616 salmon landed in total on 10 - 12 rods. I will be guiding both slots personally. For any further information or bookings please send me an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Due to cancellations we might have dates on Huseyjarkvisl River for both prime time salmon fishing (early August) as well as prime time sea trout fishing (mid September). These dates have been offered to the Huseyjarkvisl waiting list first but for inquiries please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Huseyjarkvisl River did extremely well in 2015 with well over 400 salmon landed. The week in question landed 37 salmon, some sea trout and loads of brown trout. 

Tight lines,

Stjani Ben

Photo top: Stunning scenery from Langa River

Photo bottom: Nice salmon from Huseyjarkvisl River


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