Brunna River

  • Season: April 1. – October 10.
  • Species: Mainly sea run Arctic char – Brown trout – Sea trout. Fly only, catch & release
  • Lodge: Sleeps up to 6 people.
  • Location: North-east Iceland. 2 hours from Akureyri.
  • Rods: 3
  • Average catch rates: Approx. 250 fish on average. In 2011 and 2012 over 500 fish were caught.

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About the river

Brunná in Oxarfjordur is a gin clear char, brown trout and sea trout river on the north east coast of Iceland some 20 minutes away from the Litla River which has been a very popular river for us for years. The number of rods allowed in the river are three and the river is fly only where catch and release is practiced.

Brunná flows through wonderful surroundings, offering areas of unique beauty and diversity. The river flows through brushwood country and at its lower reaches it combines with a branch of the glacier river Jokulsá, creating the much sought after visible line of clear and mud-colored water. The fishing grounds are 10 kilometers long creating ample space for each angler as those kilometers of water are divided between only 3 anglers.

The angling season for Brunná begins in April with the sea run and brown trout as the main catch. From the middle of June to the end of season (October) the arctic char and brown trout is for the most parts the main catch.

The sea run char starts it‘s journey up Brunna in early June. Sea run trout shows up at their traditional time, towards the end of August. It is believed by the locals that the sea run trout in Brunná shows up when the mountain tops have turned white, the clear indication of changing temperature. The surrounding area of the Brunná is unforgettable. The gin clear river holds many beautiful fishing spots.

The Brunna River is one of the few rivers left in Iceland where fishing for sea run Arctic char is still going strong. Catch rates are around 200 – 500 fish each year with growing numbers. The brown trout stock is not strong but holds large individuals. The stock of sea run char is strong and the sea run brown trout stock is getting stronger. The breathtaking surroundings will leave no angler untouched and to be able to fish in tranquility for such large fish in such beautiful landscape is a privilege.


Fishing in Iceland – Brunna River cabinThere is a fishing lodge located near the river that accommodates up to 6 people. However there is a double bed in two of the bedrooms and two single beds on a sleeping loft. If more people are in a fishing group extra accommodation can be booked at a nearby guesthouse. The lodge is new and comfortable located in breathtaking settings within walking distance from the river. Nearby there is a swimming pool and other services. A small grocery store can be found some 10 mins away and there is a short distance to at least two breathtaking natural phenomenon, Asbyrgi and Dettifoss waterfall, Europe’s most powerful waterfall.


In the spring we recommend using 6-7wt rods as conditions sometimes call for casting heavy rigs. Also the fish can be very big in this river.

As the summer months arrive we recommend lighter rods as the flies get lighter, the fish get more vary and as such lighter lines are recommended. 3-5wt rods with floating lines would then be your weapon of choice.

Fishing the Brunna

Fishing in Iceland – Brunna River charIn the early stages of the season the Arctic char feed mostly subsurface and small bead head nymphs fished upstream seem to work the best. When the season progresses and the water temperature rises the fish will come up to the surface, especially in the morning and evening when they will be enticed with a well presented caddis imitation. Long line nymphing with strike indicators is a very productive method for the char especially.

The water in Brunna is gin clear so the char are easily spotted in most pools. This makes sight fishing for char very exciting but it also means anglers must practice stealth, use lighter tippets and smaller flies. However the char in the river can be both big and strong so we advise you to use tippets no lighter than 5 pounds breaking strain.


Bead head nymphs in sizes 12 – 18 are very productive. Dry flies such as adult caddis imitations, midge imitations and attractor dry flies. When a trip to Brunna is booked we provide you with a pre-trip document outlining all neccessary gear as well as flies. We also offer ready made fly boxes for the Brunna River available for purchase. Please contact us for details.