Fishing in Iceland – Atlantic Salmon

Most anglers have heard about salmon fishing in Iceland. I guess that’s what Iceland is famous for among fly fishermen all over the world. This is the fish they came for in the beginning and this is the fish most of them are still after today. The mighty Atlantic salmon. Considered by some as the king of sportfish.

fishing huso salmon 1The Atlantic salmon has a single objective; to reach it’s home river to spawn. As a smolt it stays in the river for a few years depending on conditions in the river. When the smolt feels good and ready it migrates to sea and stays there for a year or two in most occasions depending on the conditions at sea and how fast it grows in that time. When the urge to spawn hits the salmon it migrates back to it’s home river to spawn and that’s when it becomes the target for anglers from all over the world.

In Iceland there are plenty of salmon rivers that range in size, service and quality. The size of the salmon ranges from 3-30 pounds, with 7-12 pounds being the most common size. The riffle hitch is a popular method to use when salmon fishing.

For a small article on fishing the riffle hitch see this link

We at Iceland Angling Travel love salmon fishing. It can be out of this world and what we have to offer for salmon fishing in Iceland is something a little different. What we have been focusing on for the past few years is getting our clients excited about sight fishing for salmon. Fishing with a single handed rod, seeing the take, stalking the fish, getting it to come up to the surface and chase your fly! That is a dream. And to be able to do it in the nature of Iceland is amazing.

What I love about Atlantic salmon fishing is how unpredictable the fish is and the sheer agressiveness of it. When it takes your fly and takes off banging it’s head all you can do is hope you tied that knot strong enough and that leader is going to be good enough. When you cast a Micro hitch and skate it over a school of fresh salmon you literally hold your breath but nothing can prepare you for the excitement of that surface take. Nothing. When the fly reaches the bank on your side unharmed all you do is take a deep breath and cast again. Then take two steps down and cast again. It’s when your mind wanders that you get pulled back into sweet reality by the sound of a splash and you see a flash of silver as your fly disappears. That’s when you lift your rod!

Atlantic Salmon fishing in Iceland

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