Freshwater Species in Iceland

Fishing in Iceland – Atlantic Salmon

Most anglers have heard about salmon fishing in Iceland. I guess that’s what Iceland is famous for among fly fishermen all over the world. This is the fish they came for in the beginning and this is the fish most of them are still after today. The mighty Atlantic salmon. Considered by some as the king of sportfish.

Fishing in Iceland – Arctic Char

The Arctic char (Salvelinus Alpinus) can be found in both lakes and rivers all over Iceland. The char is the most widespread freshwater species in Iceland and can range from a half a pound up to over 10 pounds with the biggest one ever caught in Iceland 22 pounds. The char has a very similar diet as the resident brown trout and pretty much the same tactics apply. The char prefers slower and colder water than the brown trout so usually the two do not share stream lies.

Fishing in Iceland – Sea Trout / Sea Run Brown

If you’ve ever been fishing in Iceland, you know someone whos been fishing in Iceland or you heard about someone, most likely they were here for brown trout fishing or salmon fishing. Well I’m here to tell you about the secret of sea trout fishing in Iceland or what some people call sea run brown trout.

Fishing in Iceland – Brown Trout

Does the brown trout need an introduction? Perhaps not but the one you can encounter in Iceland sure does. It is called the ice age brown trout or the dinosaur. Believed to have been landlocked in Iceland at the end of the last ice age about 10.000 years ago when the ice melted and land rose. Because of genetics the fish grows faster and matures a little later than normal making it possible for the fish to reach a high age and enormous size.