Fishing in Iceland – Brown Trout

Does the brown trout need an introduction? Perhaps not but the one you can encounter in Iceland sure does. It is called the ice age brown trout or the dinosaur. Believed to have been landlocked in Iceland at the end of the last ice age about 10.000 years ago when the ice melted and land rose. Because of genetics the fish grows faster and matures a little later than normal making it possible for the fish to reach a high age and enormous size.

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Normal size of the brown trout in Iceland is 15 – 25 inches or 40-60 cm. It is common to catch a fish ranging from 25-30 inches but only the lucky few catch one bigger than that. The brown trout has been making it’s presence felt in more quantity all over the country in the last few years in both lakes and rivers. There are a few theories regarding this change and some blame it on higher temperature in the water.

Brown trout season is all year long although most lakes don’t open up until April 1st when the season starts for sea run species in Iceland. From April 1st till end of May you can expect chilly conditions and the trout feed mostly on baitfish, midges and caddis. June through September midges and caddis are the main food source but it depends on different rivers and lakes.

Brown trout fishing in Iceland

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