Haukadalsa River

  • Season: June 20. – September 21.Fishing in Iceland – Salmon on Haukadalsa
  • Species: Atlantic salmon
  • Lodge: Six double bedrooms with en suite facilities. Hot tub & Sauna.
  • Location: Dalasysla, West Iceland. 150 km northwest of Reykjavik
  • Rods: 5
  • Average catch rates: 5 year average 620 salmon per year.

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About the river

River Haukadalsa flows from the lake Haukadalsvatn in the valley Haukadalur in the west of Iceland. The river is 8 kilometers long and fished with 5 rods in total. The river is perhaps not well known outside of Iceland except maybe in Switzerland because it has been leased to a Swiss based company for many years until the 2013 season.

The river is fished with fly only and we recommend single handed rods, floating lines and small flies when fishing the river. The size of the river and clarity of water create these special circumstances for sightfishing for salmon. The river is also perfect for trying to get the fish to the surface using the hitch method.

Guest will be well taken care of in the old but newly renovated lodge that is perfectly located on the river banks overlooking one of the best pools in the river. Most beats are can easily be walked to from the lodge.

Tackle and flies for the Haukadalsa River

Fishing in Iceland – HaukadalsaWe recommend single handed rods in the 6-8 weight class. However shorter double handed rods or switch rods may be handy for those who prefer that style of fishing.

We recommend floating lines to be used on the Haukadalsa but a sink tip line is always good to carry as well.

Flies we recommend are small doubles or trebles in sizes 10 – 16. Bring the patterns you believe in the most but make sure you have a good selection of colors and sizes. Small tube flies and cone head tube flies are also good to have. Those weighted tubes to get down and the small plastic tubes for that different movement in the water. Hitch tubes and Sun Ray Shadows are a must as well.

We recommend using tippet strength of about 12 – 15 pounds. Clarity of water, size of water and the size of fly play the most crucial part in that recommendation.

Bring chest waders, warm undergarments, a water and wind resistant jackets, cap or hat and please do not forget Polarized glasses to better see the fish as well as provide protection for your eyes.

The lodge

As mentioned the lodge is perfectly located on the river banks overlooking the river. You can see one of the best pools from the living room and on those bright summer‘s nights it is magical seeing salmon jumping from the lodge window.

There are 5 double bed rooms in the lodge, each with en suite facilities. Outside the lodge there is a hot tub to soak tired bones in after a long day of fishing. The lodge has been renovated for the 2013 season and it is our hope our guest will feel very comfortable in the lodge when not fishing.