Fishing in Iceland

Do you want to come fishing in Iceland? Do you want to know more about what makes fishing in Iceland so special? You have come to the right place. We have been fishing in Iceland all our lives as well as run guided trips all over Iceland for years. Together our guides have decades of fishing experience in Iceland for brown trout, sea trout, salmon and Arctic Char. But back to our original question; what makes fishing in Iceland so special?

Well for one fish need water and that’s one thing we have plenty of. They also like clean water and that is also what we have. Countless lakes and rivers with crystal clear water where trout, both sea run and brown trout, Atlantic salmon and Arctic char find a suitable living environment. Due to private ownership of all water there is a limited number of rods on each river so pressure is kept low and all laws and regulations are in favour of the fish and their environment. So not only can you find great fishing in Iceland you can also find the rare chance of privacy, solitude and the sense of getting away from it all.

Iceland has endless possibilities and everybody should be able to have their fishing needs met. We at Iceland Angling Travel are proud to offer specialized fishing trips in Iceland that we can tailor make to suit your fishing needs. However we also have prepared packaged trips for our clients that have proven to be popular in the past. Our trips include luxurious trips to some of Iceland’s top salmon rivers, combination fishing trips where guests will get a taste of what Iceland has to offer and then specialized trout fishing trips that take our guests to the lesser known locations in spectacular surroundings.

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