Some great salmon fishing available

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Thvera salmon 20We've just come across some great dates for salmon fishing in Iceland. What we do here at Iceland Angling Travel is look for the best quality and for the best prices and we believe we've found that. At least we were pleasantly surprised when we did the math. 

The river in question is the River Thvera in early August. When looking at the stats it turns out that the weeks in question are producing some 105 - 118 salmon per week on average with highs reaching 220 salmon per week. That means that on average the weeks are producing 2,14 - 2,40 salmon per rod per day and are still considered shoulder season and priced accordingly. 

Dates we can offer are starting at August 2. 2015 and we will offer 3 day packages with the option of adding another 3 to make up a full 6 days itinerary of salmon fishing. Prices are starting at €3.780,- including 3 days salmon fishing, 3 days shared guide service and 3 nights full board in the fishing lodge with some incredible meals produced by the chefs in the lodge. 

For bookings and inquiries please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Fishing in Iceland: Leaders

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

94 cm smallIf you've been to Iceland many times before this article is not for you. If you've never been and are wondering about leaders that please keep reading. The reason I'm writing this is because in one week from now I'll be going off to do something I've never done before and I realise I know nothing about it. I'll be going for flats fishing in Mexico and the salt is a whole other ballgame than freshwater fishing. 

I understand the we that live here tend to overlook the fact that not everyone knows everything we know about fishing in Iceland. When we go on a fishing trip we know exactly what to bring and the quantity of it. As in how many flies will be enough? Do I really have to bring 10.000 flies with me to Iceland? That is the feeling I have now preparing for Mexico, do I have enough flies? And do I have the right ones? 

Anyway - back on track with leaders; what I want to do know is give you some hints on what to bring to Iceland and what to expect in terms of leaders and leader make up. I understand that leaders are a preference and if you like doing yours a certain way, don't let me mess that up for you. Below are my preferences starting with the fishing I do first. 

Spring sea trout

Very simple. I do all my spring sea trout fishing on Huseyjarkvisl River and there I simply fish a Teeny T-200 or T-300 lines with a short straight Maxima leader. In the past I did 18 pound breaking strain but I hate tying the flies on so now I'm down to 12 - 14 pounds. Maxima is so strong it will be enough. To attach the leader to fly line I simply do a loop with a double surgeons knot and put a loop on the end of the fly line and join with loop to loop connection. Leader to fly I use for streamers a non slip loop or improved clinch knot. Very simple. 

Brown trout & Arctic char

big brown laxa 2014This is where it gets a little more complicated. When I'm nymphing I taper my own leaders. Usually I'll tie a fly on and then just tie a piece of tippet to the eye of that hook and then the next fly on the end of that. I don't bother all that much with hanging droppers off the main leader but if I do I'll use a double surgeons knot and make sure the dropper end is coming off the main leader. For length it depends on which water I'm fishing. For dry fly the same. Depends on the water I'm fishing. I would say that bringing leaders and tippets in the breaking strain range of 4 - 10 pounds or so will have you covered here for brown trout in rivers. I like to make up my own leaders and if you do to then I would suggest bringing a spool of each from 4 - 14 pounds breaking strain or so. The same applies for the Arctic char.


I prefer tapered leaders so I make up my own with Maxima tippet material. Usually I'll end up with 12 or 14 pounds breaking strain in the end. To put them together I'll use a blood knot if I do them at home before I leave otherwise I'll do a double surgeons knot. As far as length goes I normally don't want a very long leader for salmon. 9 - 10 feet is usually plenty but of course with difficult conditions you might need to go longer... or even shorter. For hitching I prefer 9 feet. The knot I use to tie the flies on is an improved clinch knot. However - the seasoned salmon guides like our very own Björn, know a knot that keeps the flies from coming up to the surface when being stripped very fast. I have no idea what it's called and I've spent hours trying to master it. No luck. Guess you need to hire Björn as your guide to find out. For salmon fishing in Iceland a spool of 16, 14, 12 and 10 pound breaking strain (Maxima) is all you need and will be more than enough to cover you for a week. 

fishing vatnsdalsa 33This all being said the guides that work for us usually all have flies, tippet, etc. for you to use if needed. The only thing to remember is that the guides probably had to pay for it so give it some thought before you leave if you fished for a week with your guides flies and using his tippet. Personally I have my favorite flies that I carry with me at all times as well as loads of tippet and I'm happy to let me clients use it. Also a lot of the better salmon lodges will have flies for purchase. We also offer a service of having all the flies you need ready for pick up when you arrive in Iceland. Just drop us an e-mail and ask us about it. 

For each trip we supply a detailed information document with a list of all the gear needed and we're always happy to answer questions. Hope this answers some of them as well. 

Tight lines,
Stjani Ben

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