Fishing Season Review

Now only a few days are left of the fishing season in Iceland and I wanted to do a review of the rivers we offer and how they fared in 2016. Let’s start with the salmon fishing as it’s easiest.

Haukadalsa River

Had an absolutely fantastic season following a great season last year. It’s clear that the change in rules 5 years ago is paying off. At least something special is happening there. The river ended with 1.056 salmon (211,2 per rod) landed for the 5 rods fishing. Truly fantastic fishing and already the river is sold out for 2017. Please drop me a line to inquire about fishing in 2018 and to be put on a waiting list for this river.

Huseyjarkvisl River

Did not follow up on last year’s record catch rates but did OK nonetheless with 335 salmon (111,6 per rod) landed. This year the fish were bigger than last year and that makes total sense following last year’s big grilse run. Never before have I ever seen so many smolts and parr in the river as this year and the outlook for the future is great. I believe the 5 year average on the river is over 300 fish by now and of course we are blessed with the wonderful by-catch of big wild brown trout and trophy seatrout. We might have Prime July dates come available in 2017. Please contact us for inquiries.

Langa River

Racked up a funny season where there was hardly a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind to be had. Day after day the temperatures were high, no wind and sun shining. That obviously made the fishing difficult. The runs came early and instead of being spread evenly throughout the season there were huge numbers that came up early on and charged upstream. Total tally of 1.433 salmon (av.119,4 per rod) secured the 7th place finish for Langa on the top rivers of Iceland in 2016. We have Prime time dates available on Langa in 2017. Contact us for details and prices.

Thvera / Kjarra River

The same situation was on the Thvera / Kjarra River where salmon arrived early and then the weather played a big part in making catching difficult to achieve. Total tally of 1.902 salmon (135,8 per rod) landed in 2016. We have rods on Kjarra available in June as well as a possibility for rods on Thvera in June 2017. Contact us for further details.

Now for the trout fishing in Iceland in 2016. The trout enjoyed the weather more than the salmon as insect hatches were prolific and plenty of food available in the rivers. The dry fly fishing on Laxa was great and the fishing in general was wonderful. Trout were bigger this year than ever before and many anglers left the rivers smiling.

We’ve changed the rules for Laxardalur for next year and included the Stadartorfa with the Laxardalur beat rotation. Also we’ve implemented C&R for the trout fishing on Laxardalur so the big boys swimming there will be protected. We have some great dates available for prime trout fishing in Iceland. Drop us a line with inquiries.

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