Best week ever on Huseyjarkvisl

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Huseyjarkvisl River. I love everything about and since I started fishing there in 2008 I have grown to love it more and more each year. This love affair of mine resulted in me visiting the chairman of the syndicate that owns the river and collected all the catch books for the river back to the year 2000. I then logged all the weekly catches for salmon into an excel document to see what the best weeks are and how the fishing has changed since it turned to catch and release.

I start the weeks on opening day and count full 7 days in each week. Last night was the last day in the fifth week the river has been open for salmon fishing this year and it turned out to be the best week we’ve ever had on the river. Previous best week was the week July 15. – 21. back in 2013 when we caught 61 salmon. This past week, July 22. – 28. we landed 63 salmon making it the very best week we’ve had on the river. With an average of 9 salmon per day fished with 2-3 rods makes it 3 salmon per rod/day this week. We are very happy with that.

So far we’ve landed 127 salmon making the average 1,2 salmon per rod per day. The start was very difficult and the first two weeks only produced 8 salmon (compared to 38 in 2014 and 2013). With the amount of fish running at the moment we can only be optimistic on the rest of the season and if we compare to previous years I will predict that we end up with about 300 salmon landed this season.

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