Mid season fishing update from Iceland

Fishing in Iceland this season has had it’s ups and downs so far. The Atlantic salmon fishing went off with a real bang and the runs were early this year. Trouble is the spring was also early and the summer weather has been fantastic so far. Well – fantastic for sunbathing and not so good for fishing. Day after day with high temperatures, sunshine and no wind has made the salmon fishing tough but the dry fly anglers are smiling.

The trout fishing up north has been fantastic so far with strong midge hatches and plump trout ready and willing to rise to anglers dry flies. The Arctic char were in the rivers early but then seemed to disappear. I was guiding two rods in search of char and on the Brunna River we found few big ones but not in any numbers.

We hope the weather changes and we get a good storm soon to shake things up a bit and get some water in some of the rivers that are becoming very low. We are still optimistic and it seems the salmon season will be an average one this year. We are sold out on all fishing permits for the season but some dates became available for day trips in August.

Drop me a line if ou want to come fishing in Iceland this season or the next. I’ve got some busy days coming up but I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can.

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