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Salmon fishing is fantastic

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

This season is just crazy in Iceland. The salmon fishing early on is unbelievable with loads of fish and big fish to boot. The Huseyjarkvisl opened on the 24th with 31 salmon landed which is a massive record for the opening 3 days. The craziness has continued and the river is now up to about 50 salmon landed or so. We recently sold our last rod on the river so it is now sold out for 2016. 

The Langa is absolutely full of fish. I am there at the moment and guiding one rod. He has 9 salmon landed in 2,5 days and the only thing that put a dent in the catching was the cold front that came in yesterday and killed the fishing yesterday and today. We landed 4 salmon today two at about 12 pounds. We still have one rod available for Langa July 24. - 27. with shared guide. There have already over 1.300 salmon ran the fish counter in Langa and fish is already spread to the top part of the river, the mountain beat. So those July dates will be off the hook! Contact me to book the rod, here is the info:


Photo: 79 cm hen fish from Langa today. 

The 2016 fishing season

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

Incredible start to the salmon fishing

The salmon fishing season in Iceland started on Saturday June 4. with a bang! For the first day on Nordura River the anglers landed 27 salmon. The next day was even better and that day the Blanda River also opened with 50 salmon in the first day for 4 rods. For all my years I cannot remember a better opening of the salmon season. Salmon have been seen in numbers in most rivers on the west coast and it's still a few days before those open. We have a group on River Kjarra starting on June 14. and then a group on River Thvera starting on June 16. and we simply cannot wait to get there. 


Available salmon fishing

We still have a single rod on the Langa River for June 30. - July 6. as well as one rod for July 24. - 27. Contact me for details to info@icelandanglThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information can be found here: 


No day trips this season

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries for day trips. I'm afraid that we are just too busy to arrange day trips this season as we are fully booked and do not have guides to work the day trips. I'm sorry we cannot help this season. 




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