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Fishing in Iceland - May Report

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

Nice big sea trout from HuseyjarkvislFishing in Iceland has had it's ups and downs for the past month. Mostly due to the coldest spring since 1977. Still we've maneged some very good fishing and the photos speak for themselves. Before I go on I would like to apologise for the lack up news on the site. Due to my incredibly busy schedule I've not been able to update the site just yet. 

May started with a trip to the Huseyjarkvisl River where we had an absolute blast! Two guys fishing landed plenty of sea trout although we spent very little time on the water everyday. I don't quite remember the total but I do remember we had 10 fish over 70 cm with the biggest at 86 cm. 

Massive 19 pound trout from Lake ThingvellirFrom the Huseyjarkvisl we moved to the Lake Thingvellir and it's been good for the most part. We've had days where everything was on fire and we've had days where everything looked dead. We did 5 days with Paul Procter, journalist from the UK as well as a few day trips. For the most part we had a great time and some serious brown trout were caught including a 19 pound fish. 

Now the salmon season has started and it starts well. For Nordura River 12 fish were landed in the first days and that can be considered quite good. We look forward to the season and I hope to have time to write some more reports in the coming days. For those of you interested in shorter reports please follow us on Twitter @icelandangling and on Facebook. We also have an Instagram account where we try and post some pictures from time to time. 

Tight lines,
Stjani Ben

Big sea trout caught

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

This spring has been a weird one so far in Iceland. Cold and windy conditions have made things difficult, especially in the north where the River Huseyjarkvisl is located. However the fishing has not been half bad up there with some nice fish landed so far with some big fish caught. 

In 2013 a client landed a 96 cm. The report was written on our old site so this will have to do as a reminder. Recently another fish was caught, the biggest sea trout ever caught on Huseyjarkvisl at 101 cm. It was huge. I was there and was able to see the fish up close and this may seem strange but I thought I could recognize the head of the fish. Yeah yeah I know what you are all thinking now - I've lost my top - but as I only saw one side of the fish I asked the angler if that fish had a red dot on it's belly. And the answer was yes.

Now this is not science but we looked at some features and we've come to a conclusion that it is indeed the same fish that was caught 2 years ago and it's grown 5 cm over the years. Here is a report in Icelandic but the pictures tell the story. 

Now before anyone starts to criticize about the fact it was put on the grass to photo, the angler was alone at the time with a high bank behind him. So the fish was put on the bank for a few seconds to measure and photograph before being kept in the water while we came running. 

samanburdur birtingur

Truly a magnificent beast and what a wonderful feeling to see it swim off after the release. For us fishing Huseyjarkvisl it proves catch and release works but we've known that for some time now as we see the fish getting bigger and bigger every year we fish there. 

Needless to say the spots we had available on the river sold quickly after news broke but we do have a single rod for a 6 day combination trip visiting Huseyjarkvisl and the Vididalsa River in September. Drop me an e-mail to inquire. 

Tight lines,

Stjani Ben - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photo: Comparison of the fish caught at 96 cm in 2013 and at 101 cm in 2015


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