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Laxa Myvatn

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Season: May 20. – August 31. (Varies between beats)Fishing in Iceland - Trout on Laxa

Species: Brown trout, char and some salmon (varies between beats). Fly fishing only

Lodge: See individual beat description

Location: North-east Iceland. One hour from Akureyri, 5 hours from Reykjavik. 

Rods: Varies - see beat descriptions

About the river

From the beautiful Lake Myvatn flows an even more beautiful river, the Laxa Myvatn River. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Iceland and beyond. One of the best things about this river is that it is full of brown trout. And these fish are no ordinary creatures. They are big and fat from gorging on the rich insect life this very nutritous and healthy river produces and is habitat and important food source for so many species of birds as well as these monsterous brown trout.

The river is divided in several beats, each with its own character. The beats we at Iceland Angling Travel have to offer are the following:

fishing laxa 4Laxa in Myvatnssveit

The top beat of the river and is located just below Lake Myvatn. The lodge for this beat is Hof Lodge and on this beat one can expect higher numbers but smaller average size compared to Laxardalur Beat. 


fishing laxa 5Laxa in Laxardalur

Usually referred to as "The Valley" as this beat flows through the Laxardalur Valley. Here anglers stay in the Raudholar lodge and can expect fewer but bigger fish and more dry fly action than the top beat. 


fishing laxa 9Laxa in Adaldalur

This is below the dam and here the river calms down even further, fish tend to be a little smaller but again in great numbers and the dry fly fishing can be fantastic. The beats we offer are Stadartorfa (2 rods), Mulatorfa (2 rods), Presthvammur (1 rod), Sydra-Fjall (2 rods) and Hraun (2 rods). 


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