Huseyjarkvisl River Salmon

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Season: June 24. - September 25.banner 1 vv

Species: Salmon - Brown trout - Sea trout. Fly only, catch & release

Lodge: 3 double bed rooms, hot tub.

Location: Skagafjordur district. 296 km from Reykjavik

Rods: 2-3

Average catch rates: 229 Atlantic salmon

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About the river

The salmon fishing beats in Huseyjarkvisl river is divided in two or three beats with one rod in each beat. The top beat consists of the falls pool at Reykjafoss waterfall and several other very nice pools that each hold a lot of salmon. The lower salmon beats consist of a few more pools all the way down to where the lodge is located and the trout beat starts. The river is perfect for fly fishing and only the Reykjafoss pool and Gullhylur present any real casting challenges since those are in the gorge in the top part. The river temperature is normally quite high but usually the perfect temp for salmon activity. Therefore surface flies and small flies on floating lines work very well in this river.

The salmon beats are approx 9 kilometers long so there is plenty of space for each angler. The pools are also quite long with holding spots that cover a large area. Access to each pool on the lower beats is very easy and will fit any angler. There are some pools in the top part that require some rock hopping.

The river is is perfect for using the hitch method and each year about half of all fish are caught using this method. For more information on the fantastic hitch method please see this article: http://icelandangling.com/index.php/fishing-in-iceland/fishing-articles/88-hitching-for-atlantic-salmon

Tackle for Huseyjarkvisl

The river is not very wide so two handed rods are not necessary but if preferred that is alright. Recommended are single handed rods weight #6 - #9. Sometimes conditions call for sink tip lines and/or weighted tubes so they should be brought. However during prime time we recommend small flies and floating lines for that surface action and excitement.

For leaders a 12 - 14 pound breaking strain is normally used during prime time for those small flies and hitch tubes. Later in the season 14 - 16 pound breaking strain is perfect. Sink tip lines can be useful for the autumn fishing when the air temperature drops.

Flies for Huseyjarkvisl

Small double hook salmon flies work particularly well in Huseyjarkvisl as well as the hitch technique. Flies such as Haugur, Silver sheep, Colburn Special, Frances, Blue charm, Hairy Mary, Green Highlander, Green Butt, Sun Ray shadow, Garry Dog and Collie dog are patterns every angler should have in his box when fishing the Huseyjarkvisl.

Catch rates

Annually the average catch rates are 229 salmon on the 2-3 rods.

The Lodge

The lodge is very well located in the mid section of the river and one can easily walk to the river from the lodge. The lodge sleeps six persons in three double bed rooms. On the backporch there is a spaciuos and comfortable hot tub - perfect to relax in after a long day fishing.

We offer made up beds in the lodge as well as a choice between full service catering or self catering. However we do not offer salmon fishing on the Huseyjarkvisl without a guide.

To accommodate larger groups we have access to similar cabins close by and there is also a very nice hotel some 5 minutes away from the fishing lodge at Huseyjarkvisl. So if you prefer any other kind of accommodation while fishing the river we can accommodate your wishes.

Additional information

Close by there are many historical and natural sights that are well worth the look. Skagafjordur where the river is located is famous for it's rich history and was the setting of many of Iceland's bloodiest battles as well as being the home of the most powerful viking klans during the Viking era. The oldest turf church in the country is in the area, the battlefield of the bloodiest battle in Icelandic history and many more sights.

Additonal things to do include river rafting on either one of two glacial rivers close by as well as horse back riding, boat rides to look at some of the beautiful islands in the Skagafjordur and historical tours. So in other words, plenty of things to do for a non-fishing guest.

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