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Atlantic Salmon Flies

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In Iceland the flies we prefer to use are in some cases different then what is used in other countries because of our special circumstances here. In this article you will find a selection of flies we choose for our Atlantic Salmon fishing in Iceland. This selection is based on years of experience fishing and guiding on Icelandic salmon rivers all over the country. We also offer these flies for sale and we can assist you in choosing the right flies for your fishing trip in Iceland. Click on the photo to see the fly close up and the name of it.

Dry Flies

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Because Iceland is a fairly young island the entomology here is quite different from other parts of Europe. For example May flies are very rare in Iceland so only a few imitations should be brought here for fishing. Midges and caddis are two of the most predominant species in Iceland so imitations of those should be brought in all life stages. Here is a list of selected dry flies handy to have while dry fly fishing in Iceland. Click on the photo to see the fly close up and the name of it.


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Nymphing in Iceland is great fun and an essential skill to have when trout and char fishing in Iceland. Here you can see a list of nymphs that are handy to have while fishing in Iceland. Click on the photo to see the fly close up and the name of it. 


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Streamer fishing is quite popular in Iceland and often streamers catch the biggest fish. It is my (Stjani's) personal favorite when fishing for sea trout. In some rivers and lakes fish rely heavily on stickleback as a food source as well as small subspecies of char. In these circumstances as well as in the spring and autumn streamers can be deadly. Below you will find a selection of streamers we use here in Iceland. We are still adding to the selection when we find pictures of the local patterns. 


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