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Red Letter Days

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In my days of fly fishing I‘ve come to realise that a lot of the success (if success is measured in number and size of fish) is about the moment. Being there at the right place at the right time with a fair amount of luck involved as well. I have seen clients of mine trying their best for a few hours in the morning with no luck only to be met by their wife, who decided to sleep in and arrived to the river late, make one cast and catch the biggest fish of the trip.

Hitching for Atlantic salmon

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If you have ever been fishing in Iceland I'm sure you've heard of the hitch technique for salmon fishing. I get asked a lot about this method for salmon fishing in Iceland and I also tell me trout fishing clients about it. The reason of course being that I love it myself. Also I sometimes hear the stereotypical views on salmon fishing as being something you do with a double handed rod (preferably a heavy one) with big tube flies on huge rivers, casting square, swing and then take two steps and cast again.

Fishing in Iceland - All you need to know part 1.

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Now that is a bold statement if there ever was one. Of course this article is not going to tell you all there is to know about fishing in Iceland, not even by a long shot. What I am going to write about here is partly what it is that makes fishing in Iceland special. To experience it you have to come over and try it yourself.

Fishing in Iceland - All you need to know part 2.

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So... part 2 of these articles on fishing in Iceland. I've talked about the volcanic area and it's effects on the brown trout and salmon fishing in Iceland so now it is time for Arctic char and sea trout. Now before I go any further I want to stress that neither this article nor Part 1. has any scientific data to back it up. These are just generalisations and simplified versions of the facts. Just so we are clear on that.

Sea trout fishing in Iceland

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I don‘t think I‘m making any false claims when I say that most of Europe‘s serious fly fishermen have heard of the world class Atlantic salmon and brown trout fishing to be had in Iceland. However outside of Iceland the sea trout fishing here is not very well known. So in this article I hope to shed some light on the fantastic sea trout fishing in Iceland, a personal preference of mine.

But before we begin I need to tell you that I am in no way an expert on the fish nor am I 100% accurate on all occasions. All claims made in this article are my own personal opinions and cannot be backed up with any sort of scientific data. That being, said let me tell you a little more about sea trout fishing in Iceland.

Arctic char fishing in Iceland

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Not long ago the fishing for sea run Arctic char in Iceland was booming. These beautiful silver fish used to run almost any trickle of water connected to the sea all over Iceland. Here we call them silfur nál, which can be translated to silver needle. Those creatures not only taste terrific they also contain some massive amounts of healthy fatty acids and so they are a very popular fish to eat by the locals. When I was young I used to visit a farm and stay there for the summer every year and on the farm we used to put a net or two on the beach at the farms land. We used to catch a lot of char and I remember it being a real treat to get boiled char with fresh potatoes for dinner.


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